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Dazzling Stars

Dazzling Stars - Silver
Dazzling Stars - Silver
Price: £1.45
Dazzling Stars - Purple
Dazzling Stars - Purple
Price: £1.45
Dazzling Stars - Pink
Dazzling Stars - Pink
Price: £1.45
Dazzling Stars - Red
Dazzling Stars - Red
Price: £1.45
Dazzling Stars - Clear
Dazzling Stars - Clear
Price: £1.45
Dazzling Stars - Olive
Dazzling Stars - Olive
Price: £1.45
Dazzling Stars - Forest Green
Dazzling Stars - Forest Green
Price: £1.45
Dazzling Stars - Yellow
Dazzling Stars - Yellow
Price: £1.45
Dazzling Stars - Rose
Dazzling Stars - Rose
Price: £1.45
Dazzling Stars - Orange
Dazzling Stars - Orange
Price: £1.45

“Viva La Nails” is proud to offer these superb Dazzling Stars
for your nail art practice. These dazzling, twinkling little pieces have a reflective quality that allows them to create a three dimensional effect in any nail art design.

My clients really love options, so I've decided to offer these dazzling stars in twelve different colour varieties. Each one communicates its own unique message and creates its own unique mood. You and your clients will have to decided together what you want “to say” through their nails, and choose accordingly.

I've found that these dazzling stars work best when applied to extensions rather than natural nails. Gel and acrylic techniques tend to work best in this circumstance.

A lot of clients like to just use a single colour of Dazzling Star to create a uniform and elegant  look, but you can bet that others will want to really mix it up, and will ask you for multiple colours. In order to be prepared for this request, it’s best to have a few of these colours on hand at all times.

The more options you can give to your clients, the more they will feel that they are able to express themselves through their nails. And this is the kind of thing that keeps clients coming back for more.

Each order of Dazzling Stars comes in its own convenient and easy to store pot, containing hundreds of little stars. This should be more than enough to last you for quite some time!


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