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Budget Nail Buffers

4-Way Nail Buffer
4-Way Nail Buffer
Price: £1.45
3-Way Buffer (5-Pack)
3-Way Buffer (5-Pack)
Price: £3.95
3-Way Nail Buffer
3-Way Nail Buffer
Price: £1.45
2-Way Super Shiny Nail Buffer
2-Way Super Shiny Nail Buffer
Price: £1.45
Chamois Buffer
Chamois Buffer
Price: £2.95

If you are looking for quality nail buffers that won't break your budget, you've come to the right place. At “Viva La Nails”, we offer a wealth of options when it comes to affordably priced buffers. Whether you are looking for 2-way, 3-way or 4-way buffers, we've got them all.

Buffers are a great way to smooth out and refine the surface of either natural or artificial nails. For that extra special shine, the finest buffers work their magic to bring the nails to a crystal brilliance.

The 3-way style buffer, one of the most popular models, comes in a block form with a different surface on each side. The surfaces are graded from coarse to fine, and should be used in succession. The first side smoothes out the nail surface, the second side removes scratches, and the third brings out a final glossy shine.

At our online store you can choose from a large variety of excellent low-priced buffers. In order to ensure that you receive an intact, quality product; we ship each buffer in its own resealable plastic bag, thereby preventing scratching during the shipping process or during storage.


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