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Step by Step Hand Massage

Being able to give your clients a relaxing hand massage greatly increases the value of your manicure, thereby boosting the profitability of your business.

Hand massages are extremely relaxing and are the one part of a manicure that is literally impossible to do without the help of a professional.

By offering this service to your clients, you will transform your every day manicure procedure into a luxury experience and you'll help your clients improve their circulation and dexterity.

Just Follow These Steps!

Step 1 – Choose a reliable massage medium to use during your procedure. This should be some sort of dedicated massage lotion or massage oil. Place some of this medium in both of your hands. To begin, hold your clients arm in place with one hand as you gently rub in the massage medium with the other. Move your hand along your client's arm all the way up to the elbow. Reverse the positioning of your hands and repeat. Finally, repeat this whole process once or twice more to make sure that the the medium is fully blended into the surface of your client's skin.

Step 2 – Continue to use one hand to hold your client's arm in place as you massage with your other hand. This strategy will be of use to us throughout the treatment. Now, use your free hand in a gentle squeezing motion to tease the muscles from the wrist to just beneath the elbow. Now repeat with the positioning of the hands reversed.

Step 3 – At this point, use your thumbs to lightly  brush the surface of the back of the hand.  As your thumb moves toward the base of the wrist, increase the pressure of this movement.

Step 4 – Once again, employ one of your hands to support your client's arm while you massage with the other. With the thumb of your free hand, apply slightly firmer pressure than before between the bones of your client's back wrist. Move slowly towards the base of the hand.


Step 5 – Continue this motion but with a greater amount of pressure in order to loosen your client's lymphatic veins.

Step 6 – Continuing to use one of your hands as a support, use your free hand to massage each finger individually. Give the finger a gentle twist in both directions and then quick pull to finish. Repeat this process on each of the fingers as well as the thumb.

Step 7 – Now, let's turn to the other side of your client's hand. Use your thumbs to apply pressure throughout your client's palm. The base of your client's thumb is an important area to devote some attention to.

Step 8 – Now you should position your hands similarly to what you see pictured above. Use your fingers to support the hand by hooking them in between the little and ring fingers on your right, and the thumb and forefinger on the left (depending on which hand you are massaging). Use your thumbs to gently massage the base of your client's palm.

Step 9 – Here's the tricky part. Use one of your hands to steady your client's arm at the wrist. Now interlock your other hand with that of your client. Rotate your first hand to massage your client's wrist joints. Then move alternately in both directions and end by pulling gently towards your body.

Step 10 – You're almost done. We just need to apply a few more light motions in order to give the whole process a gentle finish. Move your hands slowly around the hand and arm and finish by moving your hands all the way down the arm to the fingers where you should gentle let go. Finally, switch to the other arm and begin the process anew.

Your client will be very grateful for this portion of the manicure as it will put him or her at ease and allow for a relaxing rest of the day.

Just make sure to avoid any areas that are injured or severely scared as these could be disrupted by a massage. In most cases however, your client will be all smiles by the end of this procedure. Believe me!


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