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Home > Nail Polishes > Soak-Off UV Gel Polish

Soak-Off UV Gel Polish

Colour it - 250
Colour it - 250
Price: £6.95
Colour it - 230
Colour it - 230
Price: £6.95
On sale: £6.50 On Sale
Colour it - 180
Colour it - 180
Price: £6.95
Colour it - 150
Colour it - 150
Price: £6.95
Colour it - 120
Colour it - 120
Price: £6.95
Colour it - 10
Colour it - 10
Price: £6.95
Colour it - 200
Colour it - 200
Price: £6.95

Introducing the sensational soak-off UV gel, the alternative to the traditional nail polish. 


UV Gel Nail Polish is a long and hard wearing polish that can be worn up to 2 to 3 weeks without chipping. UV gel nails are artificial extensions worn on the fingertips and they are an alternative to acrylics, but without the odor, nail damage and lifting, which is commonly associated with acrylic overlays.

When UV Gels are exposed to ultraviolet light they give off free radicals as they contain a chemical called photoinitiator. the absence of free radicals causes other molecules in the gel to bond with each other making it stronger.

Whats become even more popular recently are soak-off UV gel polish. It performs like gel and applies like polish. The difference between normal UV gel and soak-off UV gel is the easy removal process. Ordinary UV gel has to be filed to be removed, which requires more time and effort, and not forgetting the level of dust involved. Soak-off UV gel polish can be removed by soaking in acetone or nail polish remover, and can even be removed at home using aluminum foil and acetone.

Unlike a traditional nail polish, easy to apply soak-off gel polish is painted on (one or two thin layers) and each layer is cured under a UV light to dry. Thinner coats allow more light to penetrate the layer, thereby reducing shrinkage which can lead to problems such as lifting. The UV light dries the polish within minutes which means no dry time and more importantly no smudging or dents!

It's great for clients with weak or thin fingernails as it is a great way to maintain a manicured look more easily. For those of  your clients that have a more active lifestyle then the soak-off gel polish is an ideal option as it increases the strength and flexibility of the nails.

Soak-off gel manicures tend to be a little more expensive and this is justified as it brings value both to the clients and nail technicians alike. From the customers point of view the soak off gels last longer, dry faster and are much safer in the long run as it doesn't damage the nail beds.
As a nail technician you benefit because it generates more income, takes less time and it's less messy than the alternative regular UV Gel.

1. It is important to stir the soak-off gel before use.

2. One of the main causes of lifting are cuticles so start preparing the nail plate by removing the cuticle from the nails. Using a 100/180  grit file or buffer, gently remove the natural nail shine in the direction of the nail growth.

3. If you wish to add length to the nails then apply tips now and finish with cleaning the nails.

4. Apply a thin layer of Secure It gel and cure for 2 minutes in a 36 Watt UV Light.

5. Add a thin even coat of UV gel and cure for 30 seconds. Apply your second layer of gel and cure for another 30 seconds.

6. Apply a thin top coat of secure it to protect and add extra gloss. Cure for a final 2 minutes.

7. Finish by cleaning each nail individually with a wipe to remove the sticky layer. Remember to use a different wipe for each nail to  avoid your nails losing their shine.

We would love to hear your experience with soak-off UV gels.


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