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How to Use Nail Stamps

Posted by Viva La Nails on 3/1/2015 to Articles

If youíre a beginner to nail art or youíre looking for a quick and easy way to practice fun and creative nails then nail stamping just might be the answer. Anyone can use nail stamps to create beautiful nail designs. Here, we show you how itís done.

What is nail stamping?

Nail stamping is a technique using a stamping plate that allows you to transfer a pre-designed image onto your nails. The stamping plate has a design on it which is transferred to the nail via a stamp.

What will I need?

Youíll need two nail polishes, a nail plate, stamp and scraper as well as some nail polish remover for clean-up. You might want to look into purchasing a starter kit, such as a Konad kit, however all tools needed are available to purchase separately. Youíll find nail plates with a full nail design which will cover the whole nail, part nail designs which can be used as an accent or tip stamps to give a French manicure look. When stamping, itís best to work in a spacious area so you have room for all your tools.

How to start

Itís best to prep your nails with a base coat, such as the Konad base coat. Make sure your top coat is completely dry before you begin stamping otherwise your nail design will smudge. Itís also a good idea to make sure your tools are completely clean too. You might find you need to file your nail stamp down slightly in order to create more texture to pick up the nail design from the plate. Make sure you donít over file though.

When it comes to choosing the nail polish shades you want to work with then opt for shades that are going to transfer. For example, pale shades look great printed over a dark nail colour.

The nail stamping process

Once youíve applied a base coat, you need to apply your nail colour. Make sure your nails are completely dry before beginning work on your nail design. You may want to apply more than one coat of your nail polish and then add a top coat, such as the Konad top coat. Using a topcoat before applying your nail design is highly recommended as itís then super easy to clean up any mistakes you make. For example, if your nail design is slightly crooked, simply apply nail polish remover to a cotton bud and gently dab over your mistake. This will remove the pattern without removing your base colour.

For the next step, you need to apply your second nail polish shade to your stamping plate. If youíre using a plate with several designs, you only need to apply the polish over your design. Youíre then going to use the scraper and at a 45 degree angle, scrape the excess polish off the design. Itís best to use a 45 degree angle as you donít want to scrape the plate. Itís a good idea to wipe your scraper clean on a piece of kitchen roll or a paper towel to keep it clean.

Next, press your nail stamp over the design and gently roll it over. You need to do this fairly quickly in order for the nail polish to stay wet. If the nail polish has started to dry out, youíll need to start over again. Check your nail stamp to make sure the design is complete on the nail stamp. If the nail design isnít complete on the stamp then start over again. Youíll need to clean the nail stamp and plate with nail polish remover in order to restart the process.

Once the full design is on the stamp, you need to roll it gently over your nail. Try not press too hard. A slight rolling motion should help the design to transfer to the nail. If you find the nail art has smudged then use a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover and gently clean it up. If the nail design has transferred successfully then leave it to dry. Donít worry if you have nail polish over your skin or cuticles. Simply clean it away with a cotton bud or nail brush dipped in nail polish remover.

Once your nail polish is dry, itís time to apply another coat of clear nail polish top coat. Make sure your nails are completely dry before doing any other tasks or they will smudge.

Keep practicing this method. It make not work perfectly the first time you try it but with each attempt it will get easier!

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