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How to Accessorize Your Nails to Your Outfit

Posted by Viva La Nails on 2/24/2015 to Articles

Accessorizing your nails to your outfit presents a chic modern day look. Whether you’re wearing an everyday outfit or something extra special, applying an all over shade or practicing your nail art can really help to bring your look alive. Here we share our top tips for quick and exciting nails to really bring your fashion A-game.

Colour coordination

To colour co-ordinate your nails with your outfit then taking your nails a few shades lighter or darker than your outfit can look very chic. If your outfit is made up of more than one colour then choose a shade similar to one that you’re wearing. For instance, if you’re wearing a fuchsia and grey outfit then opting for a coral or charcoal nail polish shade will look stylish without clashing.

If you’re wearing a patterned or printed outfit then pick a colour within the print or pattern and wear it on your nails for a subtle pop of colour. You could wear matte, glossy or textured polish, however if you want to be extra brave why not opt for a clashing pattern for a kooky look.


If you consider co-ordinating your nails to be the safe option then go for contrast. Contrast works best when you are wearing a block colour. Using a colour wheel can help you choose a contrasting shade, however opting for bright shades work well for contrast. For instance, if you’re wearing a black dress then a neon pink can really dazzle. Similarly, if you’re wearing a bright pink shade then opting for a black nail polish provides an interesting contrast.

Think about the occasion

Choosing a nail shade can depend on the event you’re attending. For example, if you’re attending a wedding then a romantic pale pink or neutral nail polish looks elegant and sophisticated. Similarly, if you’re going to a bar or club then you may want to opt for a darker or brighter nail shade to compliment the atmosphere.

If you’re stuck, go for metallic

If you’re struggling to find a nail shade to compliment your outfit then choose a metallic nail polish. Gold is a shade that suits most outfits, so choosing gold glitter nails or gold foil can look really stylish.

Metallics can compliment your jewellery and footwear so don’t forget to consider your fashion accessories when taking your nail polish into account. Remember that gold can also be worn as a topcoat, such as the Konad gold glitter top coat.

Go monochrome

If you want to compliment your outfit and explore nail art then opt for black and white shades. Polka dot nails are a classic nail art design to attempt and can be simply created with a dotting tool.

A reverse ‘ruffian’ manicure with black and gold shades is also super stylish and looks great with formal outfits.

Match your nail polish to your lipstick

An alternative to matching your nail polish to your outfit is to match it to your lipstick instead. Matching nails and lips used to be viewed as stale but it’s currently a trend to watch out for with celebrities, such as Miley Cyrus and Rihanna sporting the look.

For a classic old school Hollywood look then opt for red. A dark red nail polish, such as Russian Roulette and lipstick can look incredibly beautiful, however avoid wearing a similar shade to prevent clashing. You could try wearing jewel tones of red or wearing matte red shades for a modern day look. You could also try wearing slightly different shades of polish and lipstick to keep it slightly more quirky.

For a beautiful autumn or winter look then try plum tones. Bold shades are always popular during the colder months so wearing plum nail polish and lipstick is a great way to wear this trend. Dark cherry and blackcurrant shades also look stunning. If you’re wary of bold shades, try a wearing a sheerer bold lip and glossy nail polish

For spring and summer months, choose a fuchsia lipstick and nail polish. Fuchsia is a fun and playful shade so it’s perfect to wear during the warmer months. Hot pink shades are ideal for festivals, holidays and other summer events. Avoid wearing full on pink if you’re attempting to try this shade.

For a casual or low key look, choose a baby pink or nude shade. Matching soft pink lips and nails are ideal for laid back occasions, such as shopping or going for coffee. Nude shades are massively popular at the moment thanks to the Kardashian sisters so matching nude nail polish and lips are the perfect trend to try right now.

Think about your skin tone

Remember, if you’re considering matching lips and tips to think about what works well with your skin tone. Generally nudes, pastels and blue toned reds suit fair skins while darker skin tones suit chocolate, wine and bold shades. However, if you want to experiment with colour then you can as colour can help to demonstrate your personality and style.

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