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Halloween Nail Art Tutorial – Haunted Halloween Night!

This colour screams “Halloween” in an exuberantly creepy, crawly voice. For this reason, this is exactly the colour that we want to use in our Halloween designs. In this simple tutorial we'll use orange coloured nail art tips along with exclusive “Viva La Nails” nail art decals to create a dark and spooky Halloween design.

What you’ll need: water decals (HA08 and HA09), Konad set, white liner and top coat.
Technique: Water Decals and Konad
Skill Level: Beginner

Okay, let's get started!

Step 1 – First of all, make sure that you cut a few decals out ahead of time. This will save you the trouble of having to do this while your client is waiting. You want to make things as quick and painless for your clients as possible.

Step 2 – Prepare your decals in a few different sizes since each of your clients will have different sized nails. Our decals come in five different sizes in order to make this easy for you.

Step 3 – Now, place all of the decals you plan to use inside of a manicure bowl filled with water. Actually, any old bowl with do, but a manicure bowl just looks more dapper in the salon setting.

Step 4 – Remove your first water decal from the bowl and use your fingers to gently remove it from it's backing.

Step 5 – Now attach this water decal to your orange nail tip using a dotting tool or an orange stick. Now make sure that you get it into the correct position. You've got about thirty seconds before your decal dries out, so you should have sufficient time to make sure that it is situated correctly.

Step 6 – Repeat this process using a second “house” decal, and position it right next to the first. Use a smaller decal the second time to make the design look more natural. If some of the second decal hangs off of the surface, don't worry. Just wait until it dries and clip off the excess with your scissors.

Step 7 – Just so you don't think we're creating a friendly neighbourhood scene, now let's add a wicked little bat to our design. Use the same method to attach your bat decal to the nail surface.

Step 8 – Use your orange stick or dotting tool to make sure that the bat is in place!

Step 9 – Go ahead and add a second bat to the scene! If there is enough space, you could even add a third bat to the sky!

Step 10 – Okay, now that we've placed our decals successfully, let's move on to the Konad portion of the design. Apply a little bit of Konad polish to image plate number M3.

Step 11 – Scrape off the excess polish as usual with your special Konad scraper.

Step 12 – Now, using the Konad stamper, gently lift the image from the plate.

Step 13 – Take a quick look at the bottom of your stamper to make sure that the image has been copied perfectly.

Step 14 – Now let's finish our composition by transferring the star design from our stamper to the surface of the nail.

Step 15 – In this design, as in all, the devil is in the details! Take the thinnest brush that you can find and manually add some spooky white eyes to your bats to make the whole scene really come alive.

Step 16 – Using the same method, fill in the windows of the houses with white polish.

Step 17 – And, to finish it all off, add a healthy layer of Konad top coat to keep our design secure.

Congratulations – you made it!

Can you believe that you created such a vibrant design using just a few water decals and a bit of Konad magic? Plus, it looks great on short nails too!

Also, you can easily recreate this design on natural nails as well using a coating of orange nail polish as your background.

And don't be afraid to customize! I definitely recommend experimenting with rhinestones and glitter to add to this design. And of course, you can use other decals from our Halloween series to give your design an added twist.

Trick or Treat!


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