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Colours for spring

Posted by Viva La Nails on 5/3/2013



The last days of winter’s chill are slowly fading and it appears those colors are vanishing too. We’ve begun to store away the browns, the blacks, and the moody blues. We lift out the peachy pinks, yellows, and other soft hues. Ladies, say goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring!

Snow white beauties graced many a runway this spring season. Ranging from waxen silvers to olive nudes fair beauties announced a new nail color for spring.
Yes, we’ve seen it in seasons past, yet 2013 herald natural looking white and nude nails. Nails softly filed to a short ‘every day girl’ length replaced sharply angled or deadly square tips; all the more to make this trend easily wearable.

If you’re a fair beauty yourself, match a pale white to your skin tone. Showing a nice spring glow? Opt for a warm nude. Cocoa skinned beauties can choose a white to boldly contrast their skin tone. Whichever you choose, this go with everything nail color is a spring essential.
Mother’s Earth’s primary colors were a theme at shows Kenzo and Aquilano Rimondi. Kenzo went grass green while Rimondi embraced an orange hue. Online shopping sleuths can embrace nature’s colors through Viva La Their ‘Garden of Colour’ line maintain all of Mother’s Nature’s hues from ‘Peach Burst’ to ‘Blue Bombshell’, the colour of the sky on Spring’s best days. 

Pastels were playful this season. Rose, teal, and lilac decorated nails in stripes, dots, and flowerets evoking Spring’s fresh youthfulness. Even when a single coat rang along nails without decorations, the thumb would be rose, the index teal, and all the rest painted in soft hues. I take it you’ll have fun with your creative side embracing colours ‘lavender lust’ and ‘bubble trouble’ this Spring.

Lux jewel tones will captivate many a woman this season. These rich hues refine the wearer with a dash of sex appeal. Let the other girls play with the cool, girly, or neutral shades. When you dip your nails into a shimmery chocolate, emerald, or purple hue, you’ll instantly lift your head higher and add a bit more sway to your walk.

Matte is not an option when embracing a jewel toned. A sapphire wouldn’t be desired if it didn’t sparkle; would it? Give into a little shimmer and a few of those dark winter hues become reborn for Spring into a seductive bombshell.

Silver and gold lend a futuristic streak. Now, these aren’t the pretty golds of season’s past. Rather, these sleek and refined metallics slip onto nails like a smooth casing of metal. Mrs. Carter sent the blog sphere in a frenzy a little while ago when she debuted her metal cast nails. Now, a few select retailers are even offering foil colors in the options of designs such as butterflies and mini flowers. How very Space Age!

What would spring be without a pretty pink hue or two? Love blossoms in spring and pink is the most feminine diversion from a bold red. Girly and sweet, pink is the shade you swipe on to be notice, to be adored, and loved. Disassociate the color with that of a very famous doll, by choosing a soft demure pink. Stay away from the ‘look at me’ shades in favor of rosy hues that calmly say, ‘I’m feminine and a lady.’

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